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The speech clinic was founded on the belief that each and every individual should have the opportunity to improve their independence and confidence in a caring and supportive environment. We specialize in providing evidence based early intervention program for children with developmental delay and in autism spectrum disorder.Our Therapists specialize in treating children and young adults with a variety of abilities. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent care to each client that we treat.

We strive to help individuals reach their maximum potential by using a variety of techniques and approaches that makes learning fun! Our treatment sessions, incorporate a variety of treatment approaches into each session to best address each individuals needs. Our therapists are encouraged to think “outside of the box” and to focus their continuing education in a wide variety of areas to best address our clients' needs.View our profile

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Sana Shareef | Founder & CEO

Consultant Speech & Language Therapist
Feeding and Apraxia Specialist

Team leader & SLP with Masters degree from University Isabel, Spain

Sana Shareef is one among the first and renowned Oral Pacement Therapist in Dubai known as Sensory SLP, certified in sensory integration and also a neurodiversity affirming therapist.

Having worked full time for over more than 8 years, Sana is truly passionate about her practice. She is well expertised in Apraxia intervention and Feeding therapy. Sana has done many certification courses as a part of her professional development. Sana has extensive experience working with infants, children, young adults and works closely with her clients and their families to deliver services that cater for the child's interest and functional needs. She is an international and national level speaker.

The Speech Clinic Dubai is founded in order to provide a supreme level of service to all families that walk through the door. She is dedicated to develop the quality of service and she spends much of her time ensuring her team in well trained, up to date and supported with the latest research methods. Her mission is to reach out to the families who are in need and to provide the best evidence based intervention in Dubai.