Gestalt Language Therapy

Welcome to The Speech Clinic, a leading clinic in Dubai providing latest intervention technique for Gestalt Processors. We have specialized SLPs who are trained in gestalt language therapy and uses latest evidence based practices .Gestalt language processors process language in chunks and focus more on intonation than on words. A GLP may store a chunk of language for later use using the exact intonation. Gestalt language processors often use language rich in intonation, meaning their pitch may vary greatly.

What is Gestalt Language Therapy?

Gestalt language development is another form of language development where a child begins by learning gestalts, or chunks of language, and then learns to break down these word combinations to form original phrases. Many times, these gestalts are lines from songs, books, movies, or TV shows the child is exposed to. Gestalt language processors often use language rich in intonation, meaning their pitch may vary greatly. This can cause some gestalt language processors’ speech to sound song-like. Most gestalts (chunks of language or scripts) are also tied to an emotional experience/memory for GLPs. Most typically developing kids (analytic language processors) will say "dog" and then eventually "big dog" and then expand from there ("mama big dog"). Gestalt language processors may hear a parent say, "Wow, that's a big dog!" and that's what they say every time they see a dog (or any other animal, or walk by the park...). They have a hard time breaking the"chunk" (or gestalt) apart in the beginning stage of gestalt language development.

Our Approach

At The Speech Clinic, we follow a client-centered and evidence-based approach to Gestalt Language Therapy. Our highly skilled speech-language pathologists assess each individual's unique way of language acquisition.We listen to your child and find the meaning of their communication.

Comprehensive Assessment

When assessing a child who you suspect is a gestalt language processor, language samples are our data! Before the sample we get to know the child in every scenarios. During assessments, we at Speech Clinic will take spontaneous language samples and score these samples using the Natural Language Acquisition framework

Individualized Intervention Plans

Based on clients need we shift our approach .We model language to narrate from their point of view. We at Speech clinic becomes a voice that resonates with them. We follow Child led therapy and follows childs lead in therapy and play. We earn the childs trust and focus on your connection. Our SLPs adopt a flexible and supportive communicationstyle. We treat all communication types as valid (gestures,AAC,singing,sign etc)

Collaboration and Family Involvement

We believe in the power of collaboration and family involvement in the therapy process. Our therapists work closely with individuals, families, and other professionals involved in the individual's care. We provide education, training, and support to empower families to reinforce therapy goals and promote carryover of skills into daily life.

Begin Your Gestalt Language Therapy Journey at The Speech Clinic

Our client-centered approach, individualized intervention plans, and collaborative care ensure the best possible outcomes for communication skills and overall quality of life.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards improving communication, building confidence, and enhancing your ability to effectively connect with others through Gestalt Language Therapy.

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