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Sensory Regulation

In the world of child development and therapy, there is a fundamental concept that often takes center stage: sensory regulation. This crucial aspect of a child's development forms the foundation upon which a wide range of skills are built. At The Spe

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OT Awareness & Knowledge

To celebrate World OT Day, we have planned a series of exciting events and activities aimed at engaging both students and parents. Here is a brief outline of what we have in store: Parent-OT Interaction Session: An interactive session where you wil

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Significance of Early Intervention

Early intervention is a concept that has transformed the lives of countless individuals and their families, especially when it comes to addressing developmental delays and disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At The Speech Clinic Dubai, we

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Development Milestones

Every parent eagerly anticipates the developmental milestones their child will achieve. These moments mark not only physical growth but also cognitive, emotional, and social progress. At The Speech Clinic Dubai, we understand the significance of thes

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Role of Sensory Integration in ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a multifaceted neurodevelopmental condition that presents with a wide array of symptoms and challenges. While ASD primarily involves difficulties in communication and social interactions, it often accompanies sensory