Beckman Oral Motor Intervention

The primary function of the Beckman Oral Motor approach is to improve the strength, coordination, awareness and range of motion of the soft palate, tongue, cheeks, lips and jaw through the use of a variety of exercises that stimulate the oral structures.

It does not require cognitive participation from the patient; therefore, it is a versatile treatment option for pediatric feeding therapy that is effective for a wide range of ages and underlying impairments.

Who benefits from the Beckman Oral Motor approach ?

The Beckman Oral Motor approach may be a beneficial therapy strategy or supplemental technique in pediatric feeding therapy for children who are experiencing

  • Difficulty following commands due to motor planning or cognitive deficit
  • Delay in speech sound production development,
  • Feeding, chewing, or swallowing issues,
  • Excessive drooling, grinding of teeth, hypersensitivity (often shows through difficulty brushing teeth), hyposensitivity, and gagging issues

At the Speech Clinic, we follow a comprehensive and individualized approach to Beckman Oral Motor approach. The speech clinic provides Beckman Oral Motor approach to pediatric feeding therapy to provide positive outcomes for a wide variety of speech and feeding issues. We pride ourselves in presenting the pediatric feeding therapy techniques in a gentle and playful manner to get the best outcomes for our families.

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